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            General Overview of Encyclopedia of Keywords

           Encyclopedia of Keywords (www.keywen.com) is a general encyclopedia that provides basicinformation on a wide range of subjects in an easily readable and understandable format.
           Currently, Keywen Encyclopedia contains more than 250,000 articles (reviews) and this number isconstantly growing. Each review consists of some short phrases (key-phrases)that are popular on the Internet.Also, each review contains all the important words (keywords) concerning the review topic.

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            How to use Encyclopedia of Keywords

           Encyclopedia of Keywords (www.keywen.com) is the best place to go when you are completing research of any sort and should know all main keywords of your topic and how to use them.
           You can find all articles or key-phrases containing some of the keywordsby typing these keywords in the search engine textbox,which can be found at the top of each page.
           If there is no information about your topic in the Keywen Encyclopedia,then you can order any article or glossary using ourFree Keywen Writing Service.


            Keyword Research

          Keywen as Keyword Tool helps to find not only related keywords,but also related key-phrases and relationships between keywords.The keyword relationships are demonstrated both by related key-phrasesand by Keywen category structure.Keywen category structure is generated by patented methodand contains a lot of meaningful hierarchical relationships between keywords.


            Keywen Hierarchy

          Keywen Hierarchy is a mathematical concept, that was first described in the book “Keywen Category Structure”. Keywen Hierarchy is a polyhierarchy (or multi-hierarchy, or partial order) with one primary tree containing all nodes of the polyhierarchy.Keywen category structure uses mathematical concept of Keywen Hierarchy as its theoretical foundation.


            Open Projects

          Our goal is organizing and structuring all knowledge on the internet.We would like to create a gigantic tree of categories to show the Big Picture of this world.The most important things in life should be clearly visible near the top of the category structure.We also need business partners that can help us to organize better our efforts.If you would like to join us, or can help us, please write down your email and your ideas on this online form.

          Help us to create the biggest multicultural Encyclopedia and join our Open projects:

          • Encyclopedia of Keywords is a user generated encyclopedia. Keywen.com uses electronic voting system and wiki for articles creation. Anyone can make very important contribution by single mouse click. Please select your topic using Keywen Search and vote for keywords (i.e. people) and phrases (i.e. ideas). Examples - Brands - Alcoholic beverages;
          • Keywen Writing Project - New Writing Orders;
          • Russian Project - Энциклопедия Ключевых Слов - Русский Открытый Проект - Новые статьи: Вадим Романов. Осень-10, Леонид Шаров, Татьяна Сизова, Клуб ЭСПЕРАНТО, Сколько астронавтов были на Луне?, Новая Зеландия, Алексей Грищенко, Фазиси, Владимир Смолдырев....
          • Russian Project - New Books - Новые книги: Игорь Мироненко. Поход в Австралию в 1991-1992 годах. Евгений Платон. Русские идут!

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